With just one month to go until our Buffalo bridal show, we’re freaking out with excitement! This will be the first ever bridal show in the brand new Hotel Henry. We’ll be taking over both event floors, with plenty of fun and surprises in store! Our events are truly unlike the traditional bridal shows. First off, this is a party. A full fledged, awe inspiring cocktail party for you to enjoy with your fiance, bridal party or family! The bars will be serving up some creative craft cocktails, beers and wines while you get to sample the foods and desserts from the venue and catering companies at the show. With music to keep your toes tapping, photo booths and selfie stations to capture your best self, and swag bags to fill up, we want you to go nuts! We want wedding planning to be as fun as possible, because that’s the way it should be!

{ Photos above courtesy Seventh Arrow Studio }

Secondly, we’ve got the best, most unique vendors around town. They are inventive, personable, and ready to rock your wedding! They’re going to bring their A-game to show off, so trust us… you don’t want to miss the opportunity to find out what makes them tick and see the newest bridal trends! Then there is the fashion show. The epic. Fashion. Show. We definitely aren’t going to be giving away too many details about this one, but it’s going to be the best one yet. Bigger and better than ever ūüėČ And let’s not forget the GIVEAWAYS. Every vendor brings a little somethin’ somethin’ for you to win! So bring those pre-labeled contact stickers because you won’t want to miss out on these giveaways!
Tickets are $8 pre-sale, and $10 at the door of what remains. If you want to bring an entourage, the bride goes free! Select the buy4-get 1 discount! Get them here today! 

Here are some of the vendors you’ll get to meet at the show!!

Andrews Jewelers | Bureau | B in a Bonnet | CowPok | Lovely Bride | Salon Elizabeth | Cortos Salons and Spas | Fairycakes Cupcakery | Buffalo Cake Pops | Private Knives Catering | Graphic Poetry by Elizabeth Rose | Hoopla House Creative | Buds & Blooms 716 | Buffalo Floral Art | Poppyseed Photography | Anomaly Photography | Bubbles and Berries Boudoir | Onion Studio | SH Photography | Hotel Henry | The Mansion on Delaware | Big Ditch Brewery | Tan Tara Golf Club | Events at the Wurlitzer | Studio Hue Craft pArties | Buffalo Collective | B Sweet Designs | Canalside Caricatures | Zoladz Limousine Service Inc. | Buffalo Trolleys | S&S Limousines | CJ Sound

Don’t forget to grab those tickets! Make sure you’re following us on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, as well as the Facebook Event page for some sneak peeks into what exactly each vendor will be giving away, show specials, and more! We can’t wait to party with you all!

Rochester, you’re NEXT!!!!! Save the date for 11.05 for when we take over The Inn on Broadway!! Tickets are available! There are still a few vendor spots! We’ll have the full line up for you next month ūüėČ xoxoxo

{ Photo courtesy Natalie Sinisgalli Photography }

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We know what our engaged couples want for their weddings: the best, most creative and passionate small businesses who have the newest ideas around. We also know that you entrust us with finding the right person for the job, and we take that to heart. <3 As a local business within the local wedding world, I rely heavily on social media not only to share my wedding gowns and creative process, but to connect with other like-minded businesses and find inspiration! (For those of you who are like, who even is this…? It’s Ali, owner of Made by Anatomy in Buffalo! ūüėČ )

From gathering inspiration to communicating with your wedding guests using a custom hashtag – social media is like one big party where you can connect with strangers from all over the world over any common thread. The options for weddings nowadays are endless! Modern couples planning their weddings have basically abolished tradition in favor of making their own! It’s totally freeing and exciting for us business owners who are dying to work with the most creative couples out there. Social media makes it that much easier to be found and share the craziest of ideas that someone will ultimately love!

No one understands the importance of social media for local businesses, and engaged couples alike better than us.. other than¬†maybe the gals of Rochester Brainery and Boomtown Table! They established Upstate Social Sessions (happening THIS Friday – so get your tickets before they’re gone!), which is a day of inspiration and education for¬†the entire community on how important social media is for your business, and even your personal life (who else here struggles with that balance..?!)

We are all about connecting here at Buffalo & Rochester Indie Weddings. We believe in community over competition, and that everyone can succeed by finding the right match to work with. (I often fall madly in love with many of my clients. It’s OK.. we keep it platonic.) That is the reason why we spend every day reaching out to you and sharing the newest and greatest from our dedicated members! We want your wedding to rock, and the best way to do that is by finding the right people for the job.

We will be at Upstate Social Sessions this Friday¬†to fine tune our skills and bump elbows with some of the nation’s best and brightest in the social media world. ¬†Our members get a special discount – so email us for the deets! For those of you we haven’t met, we sincerely look forward to it this week! Keep up the inspiration, everyone!

xoxo – Ali

Get your tickets for the event before they sell out here:¬†http://www.upstatesocialsessions.com/. And make sure you’re following us for all of that juicy wedding inspo we’ve been yacking about:¬†// Buffalo Indie Weddings¬†Facebook¬†//¬†Instagram¬†| Rochester Indie Weddings¬†Facebook¬†\\¬†Instagram¬†\\

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Wedding costs can add up quickly and Pinterest fails happen too often! StudioHue Craft pARTies is here to help you create your own awesome wedding (or shower… or bachelor/ette) party favors and decor that are easy and won‚Äôt break the bank. Everything we use for these projects can all be purchased at your area craft store, home improvement store, or online retailer!

Craft: DIY Decorative Tea Lights
Difficulty Level: It’s a breeze!

Tea Lights | Washi Tape | Scissors

This is a simple way to add a pop of color to your tables or centerpieces for any of your wedding celebrations. Cut a piece of washi tape approximately 3.5 inches long and wrap it around the outside of the candle overlapping the ends. Wrap a few for each table in complementing designs and colors. Place on the table, light the candles, and voila – a festive centerpiece!

Craft: DIY Wine Charms
Difficulty Level: Piece of (wedding) cake!

29×25 mm Charm/Bead/Earring Hoops | 20mm Metal Discs (with hole) | Letter Stamping Set | Seed Beads | Fine Tip Sharpie | Hammer | Cardboard | Paper towel

Begin by laying a piece of cardboard on the table to cushion the charm.  Use the letter stamping set to hammer letters into the metal disc Рhit the flat top of the letter stamp with one quick hit.  The stamping word choices are endless Рmake something for you Рbride, groom, his, hers; or a gift for someone else Рmaid of honor, mom, and more! Once hammering is complete, use the fine tip Sharpie to trace inside the letters on the disc. Wipe with a paper towel as soon as you finish to remove any stray lines from the marker.  Place five seed beads on the loop, add the charm, then add five more seed beads and close the loop.  Add the loop to a wine glass and it’s ready to gift to your favorite ladies!

Craft: DIY Coasters
Difficulty Level: A walk down the aisle!

Your Favorite Picture | 4.25‚ÄĚ x 4.25‚ÄĚ Tile | Felt| Water Based Sealant| Tacky Glue| Foam Brush| Ruler

First begin by cutting out a 4‚ÄĚ x 4‚ÄĚ square of your picture or design for your tile. If you create and print the design yourself, be sure to print it out using a laser printer. ¬†Next, cut a 4‚ÄĚ x 4‚ÄĚ square from the felt. ¬†Squeeze the tacky glue along the outline of the felt and place on the bottom of the tile. ¬†Brush a thin coat of Water Based Sealant on the top side of the tile. Place the image on top and use ruler to center. You can use the long edge of a popsicle stick to smooth your image and press out any bubbles. ¬†Let the coaster dry for approximately five minutes. Apply two thin coats of water based sealant over the image, letting it dry for approximately 5 minutes between each layer. Sealant will dry clear. ¬†Coasters will dry to the touch within 15-20 minutes and will be completely set after 24 hours when they can be stacked and gifted.

If doing it yourself isn’t your thing Рdon’t worry all of these items are for sale online at StudioHueEvents.com.  We also create custom guest books, wedding signs, wedding gifts, and a variety of favor options. Looking for a unique bachelor/ette party idea?  StudioHue also hosts bachelor and bachelorette parties groups of 12+ at a venue/home of your choice or at our new studio located at 50 Broadway in downtown Buffalo where the bride (or groom!) to be always crafts for free!

Hope to pARTy with you soon!

Come see StudioHue at our upcoming bridal show in Buffalo at Hotel Henry on October 15th!! Pre-sale tickets are available through our website here!

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It’s 2017. Social media is everything. It’s literally unavoidable wherever you go, and if you’re not in it, you’re totally missing out. How many times have you been asked if you’ve seen that funny meme floating around in Instagram? “You have to watch this hysterical video I saw today on Facebook” is a recurrent phrase in my life. It’s a vital form of communication these days, and for small and big business owners alike, it’s a game changer. Some people have seriously BECOME famous from having epic social media accounts. Look at @KingBach, Canadian actor/comedian Andrew Bachelor who has over 14 million followers. He was just in a feature film last year. Or how about @daddyissues_ aka Violet Benson. She’s gained a following of almost 4 million for her wit and humor in her original memes and posts. If you’ve got something worth sharing, (like we know you do!) you can make such a big splash on social media by knowing the tricks of the trade.

Enter Upstate Social Sessions! This unique approach to a social media seminar is meant to be educational and inspiring for any type of business. It’s a day long series of seminars and workshops designed to help you harness the awesome power of social media marketing, happening on September 15th, 2017 at the George Eastman Museum. Panelists and speakers will focus on professional and personal use of social media, particularly working with influencers and monetizing content. There will be breakout sessions related to food photography, creating a digital identity, taking your online community offline, strategy and more. Since we’re all about weddings, we’re going to focus on how it can help impact your bridal business by pointing out just 3 topics that every business in the wedding industry should be aware of, and how going to our fave seminar will help you out.
Photo credits: Dan Gribbin

Personal Branding

Our brides and grooms tell us the main reason they love our brand and our events is because they get to “connect” with the wedding vendors. Get a head start on that by building your identity on the web!¬†People want to know who is behind the scenes, the maker of the magic, the movers and shakers who make those photos happen. Panels and sessions from experts like¬†43North, Rise Collaborative, Roc Girl Gang and more will better help you understand how to make your personal and professional identity come to life on the screen.

Photography/Photo Quality

You guys. This. Is. EVERYTHING for social media. How can someone feel a connection with a fuzzy, out-of-focus or dark photo?! Three words: presentation, presentation, presentation. It can be hard to snag photos of your work when you’re on the job, but you must find the time or intern to do it. If you check out the break out session held by ROCtheShot and Chickpea Magazine you’ll be one step closer to wowing your followers.


Brides and grooms are looking at social media every day, and when they’re planning their wedding, you better believe they’re looking at your feed! If they see some old ass photos from a wedding you did a while back that might not be as relevant, they probably won’t be into you. A very common question for social media users. How many times should I be posting each day/week/month? Well… I’m not going to tell you here. You’ll have to come and listen to pro’s like freelance strategist¬†TC Pellet¬†and food blogger Sir Rocha Says to learn!

So that’s a simple little list of some of the countless topics that all wedding pro’s should hold near and dear to their hearts when they’re promoting their businesses on social media. This seminar has over 20 speakers who are jazzed up to share their successful and not-so-successful stories with you to help you master this new digital world. For $45… it’s a damn steal! Plus you get a kick ass swag bag, breakfast, and entry to the post-seminar networking party! This event only happens once a year, and there’s no reason why you should miss this fun-filled day full of opportunities to enhance your skills, while meeting other local pro’s in the process. Bring your whole team, including interns! This event is meant to educate all walks of social media users.¬†Get your tickets today! Pssst – our members get an extra special discount… so e-mail us for the deets! If you still need some convincing, just take a look at what some other pro’s and novices had to say about last years’ event in this video!

Upstate Social Sessions
September 15th, 2017
George Eastman Museum

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Photography: Lovern Photography | Venue: Becker Farms  | Flowers: Flourish | Hair and Make Up: Groom Service | Videographer: Elegant Event Video | Favors: Sweet Fields Honey | Dress and Veil: Something Blue by Leeandi’s | Stationary: Hoopla House Creative | DJ: Mike McSparron | Photobooth: Snap Shack

The Beginning
My husband, Shawn and I met at our local church back in May of 2012, though we have a funny feeling our paths crossed well before that. It happens that his father and my uncle were the best of friends years ago, Shawn’s¬†sister and my cousin have the same God parents, and even our parents traveled in the same circles over the years. It‚Äôs like we were destined to find each other again in our adult life.
The Engagement
We got engaged under a blue moon, on Friday July 31st, 2015. We took a local getaway weekend trip to the R&R Dude Ranch. We packed up our four wheeler and headed to the ranch. We rode horses all day and settled in near the bonfire. After a short while it began to rain, so we headed back to our cabin. Shawn embraced me like no other time and held me so tight, and I could tell he was fumbling with his pocket and I had a feeling this was finally happening! He asked me if I loved him, and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Now, Shawn is one of those naturally charismatic, energetic, loves life kind of men, and in that moment he was so quiet, sweet and nervous. It is one of my most favorite memories of him to date and it was all mine.

The Details
We knew we wanted something different for our wedding. We got married on Friday June 16, 2017 at Becker Farms. We picked this date because it is my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary. We chose Becker Farms because when we got there, a feeling came over us and we just knew it was perfect! It was outdoors, but a beautiful pavilion for our reception space, had the original barn with amazing old barn equipment still hanging on the walls. We also loved that it needed little decorating. Our color palette was mint, creamsicle orange and dark grey.
The Dress
I fell in love with my 10 layer tulle ball gown in blush pink with lost and lots of sparkle and a hint of lace. I had these awesome sparkly smiley faced shoes for the bonfire, and they matched the dress really well. Mandi, and Something Blue cut the top portion off to make it strapless and added a hot pink crinoline. She also added a part of my mom’s wedding gown underneath mine. With the top portion off, Mandi then made me my veil of my dreams. She used the lace appliques and made me a 15 foot veil with blusher. All of the appliques were at the tail end of the veil and the extras draped more around my waist.
The Party
We figured not every gusts enjoys dancing, so some games could keep those guests, as well as the little ones busy! We built our own corn hole boards with custom made bags, yardzee and hula hoops. To add some additional color to the reception space, my mom and I made utensil holders. Each table had a certain color. ¬†As place cards and favors, we had jars of local honey with “Take a treat and find your seat” tags!¬†We opted for pies as dessert with a small cake to cut, as I love that tradition.¬†Allowing our guests¬†to celebrate and have a good time without the awkward ‚Äúformalities‚ÄĚ of a wedding was important to us, so we skipped the toasts and speeches, the bouquet and garter toss. We made our first dance a bit less traditional by combining the father and mother into it¬†. To end our night we had a bonfire with late night snacks like s’mores that lasted until the wee early hours of the morning.
Favorite Moments
Some of my favorite moments from the big day were definitely walking down the aisle with my father, seeing my husband wipe his tears as I walked to him. Having our friends and family there celebrating with us and having as many kiddos running around being awesome. Another moment was when just my husband and I went across the street to the active barn where some animals live, with the Loverns and our videographer. There was something special about having your pictures taken with trusted talent and just being ourselves by laughing a lot. I also loved taking those 5 minutes away from everyone just after the sun went down, and Shawn and I sat in our ceremony rows and just reflected how blessed we are.

Want to¬†submit your own real love story¬†to us for a chance to be featured on the blog? Go for it! Make sure you’re following up with us on social media to stay inspired by our talented vendors, creative ideas and giveaways!

 // Buffalo Indie Weddings Facebook // Instagram | Rochester Indie Weddings Facebook \\ Instagram \\

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