The theme of a recent bachelorette party I attended was Beyonce… because, why not?! I knew that we had to go all- out with our “Queen B” theme, and that included a photobooth, Beyonce cut outs, pins, and mugs with Beyonce sayings. These mugs were super easy to make and they were SUCH a hit! All the girls who attended the party took one home and I’m sure they will remember our Flawless night when they sip on their morning coffee.

Photo Jun 27-2Photo Jun 27-3

To make these mugs, you will need:

Any color plain ceramic mug (I chose white and got mine at the dollar store)

Alcohol wipes/rubbing alcohol

An oil-based, non-toxic sharpie

Beyonce songs or quotes (or whatever else you want to write on them)

An oven

Start by cleaning the mugs and wiping them down with rubbing alcohol. Make sure all residue is removed. Let them dry for a few minutes.

Using your oil-based sharpie- begin your designs! I sketched out a few sayings that I wanted on a notepad before making them permanent on the mug. This is the fun part and it definitely does not have to look perfect!

Then let the mugs sit for 24 hours. Although you may want to bake them right away, I highly recommend letting them dry completely overnight so that the designs are more durable.

After the mugs are completely dry, put them on a cookie tray in the oven THEN turn the oven on to 425 degrees. Once the oven has reached 425 degrees, set the timer for 30 minutes and let the mugs bake. When 30 minutes is up, turn the oven off but leave the mugs in the oven for a while to cool down. This will prevent the mugs from going to extreme temperatures and cracking. Be careful when you remove the mugs, they will most likely still be warm. Let them sit for a while.

Once the mugs were baked, I rinsed them off carefully to see if my Beyonce quotes stayed on and they were perfect! However, I would not recommend putting them in the dishwasher.

These were SO fun to make and the girls at the party had something fun to take home. To make it extra personal, on the bottom, write the Bride’s name and the date. Fill the mugs with candy, glow sticks, and other fun stuff!

For some more inspiration, click here!

Photo Jun 27-4

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If you’re a bride in WNY then you have to go check out Made by Anatomy’s sample sale that just started!!

All of their wedding dress samples are on sale at 50-80% off! Head designer Ali is making room for some new product to come, and needs to clear out her beautiful, little white dresses!




Head to her website or Etsy shop to see the whole collection, including veils!


There are also select bridal belts, sashes and accessories on sale, including Bella Belle Shoes! Don’t miss out! Sample sale ends in August!

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Celia Grace is a fair trade bridal company that started about 5 years ago by two women who’s priority was sustainability, and ethical business practices. They use eco-friendly fibers, and employ women in developing countries so they can practice their original methods of weaving silk and beading! They do all of this and don’t compromise on the design aesthetics! The dresses are soft, delicate and simply beautiful!




We just love the simplistic designs with such beautifully intricate detailing! Head to their website to learn more, like them on Facebook to see upcoming real brides, and follow them on Instagram!

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Michelle Day Photography_0216

At Michelle Day Photography, we pride ourselves on being a boutique wedding photography business/studio in the Western New York Region.  We offer the utmost care, passion, experience and creativity when it comes to delivering the best images to each of our client.  We follow the trends our clients love and thrive on stepping outside of the box with our clients to create beautiful images that tell a couples’ story for generations to come.  Choosing a small business over the “big box” will ultimately give you a more personalized and relaxed experience.

Michelle Day Photography_0203Michelle Day Photography_0204

When I set out to start my business I had a goal in mind to provide the best possible service and experience to my clients as possible. Of course, everyone works but, loving what you do and being a part of something bigger is what makes it worth it.  I studied graphic design in college and after working outside the arts for awhile, I found my home again when I was laid off from a job just before my wedding.  Photography popped into my life not just as a hobby but as a  potential career.  I photographed a few weddings with a friend and fellow photographer, fell in love with the art of wedding photography, and hit the ground running.  I haven’t looked back since and I don’t ever intend to.  Being a part of the wedding industry means a myriad of things to me but one word that comes to mind is lucky.  I am so lucky to be a part of such a dynamic, creative industry full of fellow artists and creatives who continually inspire and su[pprot each other in our efforts.  It never ceases to amaze me what a special “thing” we have going in Western New York and particularly, Buffalo.

Michelle Day Photography_0206Michelle Day Photography_0202Michelle Day Photography_0207Michelle Day Photography_0208Michelle Day Photography_0211Michelle Day Photography_0220Michelle Day Photography_0217

My favorite aspect of my job however is the rapport and relationship I build with my clients, as well as telling stories through my images.  It’s not just about taking pictures, but creating photographs that are emotive and captivating.  I am passionate about photojournalism through my art of photography.

Michelle Day Photography_0212Michelle Day Photography_0213Michelle Day Photography_0214Michelle Day Photography_0218

Michelle Day Photography_0002

Undoubtedly every wedding we photograph is different and unique in it’s own way and that’s all owed to the variety of clients we work with!  If you are into creating stunning, memorable moments and images from your wedding day, let’s talk!

Michelle Day Photography_0215Michelle Day Photography_0210


Facebook Website 

Don’t forget to follow up with all of our fabulous vendors using our vendor directory, Facebook and Instagram pages!

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I’ve never loved the term “up-do.”  Some brides I work with often feel they are supposed to have a firm, structured hair style for the big day which means a lot of bobby pins, and a lot of hair spray!  It also just brings me back to 1996 when “up-do’s” with hair glitter glue, sparkly butterfly clips and cornrows ruled the day. Let’s not reminisce…

Wearing your hair down or half up can be a great way to showcase your flowing locks and feel a touch more like you on your wedding day.

fciphoto_1{FCI Photography}

Being in the Buffalo bridal beauty industry for the past 16 years, I have seen styles come and go. I am loving the free flowing locks that are forecasted for this fall. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love a well done “up-do,” but the industry is glamming things up a bit with big bouncy waves, red carpet looks and texture we are swooning over!


{Wendy Mitchell Photography}

These styles can also be jazzed up with jewels, hair combs, vintage broaches and birdcage veils.


{All images via Pinterest}

Are you missing  the length and volume you are craving? Clip on extensions are magic for your hair and can easily be installed by your dream stylist for the big day.


{All images above of down-do’s done by yours truly!}

When choosing your wedding day hairstyle take into consideration your everyday look, what you are most  comfortable in, style of your dress and even the temperature outside!

Presented by Elizabeth Dugan

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