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Lily Catherine Wedding Photography

Based out of Akron, NY, Lily Catherine Wedding Photography was launched in early 2019. Offering partial and full day wedding photography services, Lily is proud to serve the community in and around Buffalo and Rochester.

As the sole proprietor, Lily takes on the role of photographer, editor, scheduler, meeter/greeter, hustler, and artist. On occasion, she does depend on second shooters for a wedding assignment. As her business takes off she hopes to branch out into a studio space, preferably a cottage in her backyard, in the near future. 

To provide a personalized experience for each of her couples, Lily offers in-person meetings, complimentary engagement sessions to break the ice, and follow-ups throughout the months leading up to the big day. Her aim is to be your go-to person on the day of the wedding. As the photographer, there is much more that goes into her job than just posing people and shooting pictures. In addition to being the photographer, she is the person who knows what time it is. She holds herself accountable for keeping the show on schedule and making sure everyone is where they need to be at the right time – without being a total drill sergeant.

The primary focus of her business is to make it apparent that the investment you make is affordable and reasonable for the quality of her services, as well as her dedication. Artistically, her take on capturing a wedding day is that is should be shot and edited in a timeless way. So that 50 years down the road, it can still be looked back on and cherished. Her editing is not overly stylized, unless requested, and her shooting style is a mix of posed, relaxed and candids. This way she can get the best range of genuine smiles, laughs and facial expressions.

At Lily Catherine Wedding Photography, there is no room for hate or discrimination. Want to get married to your partner of 10 years in your backyard by the creek? She is on it! Opting for a Justice of the Peace Wedding, or having your sister officiate? Sounds fun! Are all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen of the four-legged variety? It might be tricky to pose, but she will do her very best! Lily loves working with anyone and everyone, especially those whom are laid back. 

Her clients are the type to get ready at their house, or their friends apartment, with a sheet pizza. They might share a cigar, a shot of whiskey, or a flute of champagne with the party before the ceremony. They don’t care if their dress gets a little dirty or if they rip a whole in the crotch of their rental tux. They like to be on the dance floor, and might strap a GoPro to a bottle of Fireball, to pass around while Pitbull is blaring from the DJs speakers.

When you choose Lily Catherine Photography you are choosing a photographer who has your back and best interests at heart. Contact her via our directory today!


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