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Planning a White Gloved Vegan Wedding!

Local couple, Brittany and Alex are not just your everyday couple trying to plan a vegan wedding. They are activists, influencers, but most importantly, survivors. Alex nearly lost his life to a blocked artery, and after emergency surgery that saved his life, his doctor instructed him to follow a strict no-cholesterol diet. They turned to a plant-based diet and dug their heels in, committed to ensuring Alex would live a long and healthy life. They were surprised by some of the criticisms they quickly began to face as vegans, so they set out to change the stigma!
Enter White Gloved Vegan:  a movement to break stereotypes associated with veganism and inspire others to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. The “white glove” signifies that a vegan can be a class act, high standing individual and not be ridiculed for going against societal norms. They created a blog platform to raise awareness to their healthy passion and to inspire others to follow suit.
Speaking of suits… check out their eye-catching painted “suits” in this proposal video!!

Here at BIW/RIW, we’re always working to redefine wedding traditions while transforming your wedding planning experience, so we thought it would be SO. MUCH. FUN to follow these babes throughout their wedding planning journey…. as vegans!!

Our first order of business… make it as easy as possible for those with dietary specifications/restrictions to find the right wedding vendors. 

Like. DUH. How have we not made this connection sooner!? We promptly reached out to all of our bakeries, caterers and venues to get the deets on what kinds of specifications they can cater to and updated our online vendor directory! Now, when you are browsing for your venue, caterer or bakery, you’ll know right away if they can facilitate:

  • (V)egan
  • (VG)Vegetarian
  • (GF)Gluten Free
  • (DF)Dairy Free, and even
  • (K)osher menus!

You can find your venue, caterer and bakery in the directory today!

Next order of business… watch Britt and Alex navigate through the wedding planning process! Stay tuned to watch as they take over our Instagram feed, share their favorite vegan or healthful wedding options and products, and learn what it means to be a modern day vegan couple tying the knot. We hope this collaboration will inspire you all to stay true to your passions throughout the wedding planning process, and to always celebrate what makes your love as a couple so special.

xo – Ali

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